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Good Meating Blast frozen Superior Quality Meats Guaranteeing Freshness.


Look forward to guaranteed freshness and quality for any meat ordered from Good Meating! Our meats are blast frozen on the day of delivery so you know it is fresh . But what is blast freezing?

Blast-freezing is the freezing of food products by means of chilled air being blasted over the product to freeze it in the shortest time period.
Also known as shock freezing that rapidly lowers temperature in foodstuffs preserving quality and freshness for longer. The lower the temperature the better, so blast-freezing therefore takes place between -20’C and -38’C. Meats are frozen within 45-60 minutes.

This not only ensures optimal quality and freshness but also preserves the taste of the meat. It is well know that blast freezing reduces bacteria significantly and reduces the risk of potential harm to consumers.

Our large blast freezers chill and freeze food rapidly by special blowers that pass chilled air over the meats preventing rupturing of food cells caused by ice crystals.

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