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Quality, Best Value Meat, to Fill Your Deep Freeze in February You Can Order Online.

Meat Hampers Gauteng


Superior Quality Best Value Meat is Here!

Pandemic or not, January is always a tough month for everyone and your cupboards and deep freezes are now probably empty after the festive season. You will be delighted to find that Good Meating still offer the best value meat in Gauteng, and our prices are so low, you can always call them specials.

When you order from us you can rest assured of always getting superior quality meat, and where it concerns value, go and make your own comparisons  elsewhere at your favorite stores, and we know you will choose us to fill up your deep freeze because our prices are simply amazing!.

Stock up Every Month with Everything in Meat You Need to Make delicious Meals.

We know times are tough right now,  and that many people have lost their livelihoods since the pandemic started. Understanding this; Good Meating has kept our prices so low so that you can stock up on the best value meat and plan your meals for the entire month.

Order online, by Whatsapp or even by email whatever is convenient for you at prices reminiscent of those you paid in 2019.

Quality Meat Hampers

You can check our delivery and drop off terms and conditions making it convenient to buy online, or if you like, as mentioned above, you are welcome to email us or send us a Whatsapp message with your orders.

Our meat is blast frozen on the day at our exclusive suppliers, and neatly packed with clear labels, so you can simply put it into your freezer when it arrives.

All our best value meat and poultry are sourced from the best in meat production outlets, and we deal only in the best quality meat and chicken, while ensuring all health and safety regulations are adhered to.

In addition to blast freezing, all our meat is vacuum sealed to prevent freezer burn, and this maintains freshness and taste. Good Meating are merchants supplying the entire West Rand and East Rand areas, and you can buy our meat either in convenient hampers or individual packs according to terms and conditions regarding minimum orders.

*Restaurants, delis hospitality and hotels are welcome to order bulk and although our prices are low already, we are happy to negotiate even better prices for bulk orders to save you even more.

Keep your deep freeze stocked which makes it easy to plan your meals by ordering every month from us and you can even arrange standing orders if you prefer by letting us know.

Browse our website to check out what we offer and follow us on Facebook to take advantage of regular promotions, recipes and news

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