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‘Good Meating’ is all About Quality, Freshness and Price With Meat Hampers Delivered Directly to Your Door.

Meat Hampers SA

Convenient Meat Hampers Directly to You.

Shopping for the best quality meat at the best prices to suit your budget can be quite a chore and often many consumers in South Africa buy their meat on the fly for what they have planned for dinners or braais. We offer collection or delivery for your orders and you will find the perfect meats hampers to suit your budgets.

‘Good Meating’ offer you convenience, exceptional value and most importantly the highest quality meat hampers, chicken and delicious condiments which you can order conveniently online. Order your meats online in budget beating hampers in a variety of choice and you will find compared to most chain stores and suppliers our meat is incredible value for money.

We deal with farms and butcheries directly only sourcing meats from suppliers offering the highest quality while complying with health and safety regulations.

We have created special meat hampers to suit your needs carefully investigating consumer requests for what they love the most and you can purchase a variety of different hampers directly online at a fraction of the prices you will pay in chain stores.

Meat Hampers Gauteng

All our meat product hampers are blast-frozen to ensure best quality and freshness a process where chilled air is blasted over meat to freeze it quickly ensuring optimum freshness and preservation while naturally reducing bacteria.

Blast-freezing is the freezing of food products by means of chilled air between -20 to -40 degrees Celsius being blasted over the product to freeze it in the shortest time period.

The lower the temperature the better, so blast-freezing therefore takes place between -20’C and -38’C.

This not only ensures optimal quality and freshness but also preserves the taste of the meat. It is well know that freezing reduces bacteria significantly and reduces the risk of potential harm to consumers.

Our mission is your satisfaction always doing our best to save you money, deliver supreme quality and enjoying your recommendations to others that prefer the finest meats money can buy.